Metairie Louisiana Area Rug

and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Metairie Rug Cleaning is a full service cleaning company offering professional commercial and residential area rug and oriental rug cleaning. Our Amazing Area Rug Cleaners in Metairie Louisiana offer a wide variety of skills and trade experience to assure our great customers they will get the proper cleaning of their nice rug. At the Metairie Rug Cleaning Facility We clean and wash Persian rugs, Afghan rugs, Chinese rugs, Karastan rugs, Turkish rugs, Pakistani rugs, Tibetan rugs, Moroccan rugs, Flat-weave rugs, Needlepoint rugs, Braided rugs, Hand knotted rugs, Machine woven rugs, Tufted rugs , Hooked rugs, Oriental rugs, Area Rugs and many other Specialty rugs. We always want to ensure our customer they are getting quality for their money and give them Astounding Results for putting their trust in our company.

Our Rug Pre-Cleaning Inspection. 

We will always make every effort to determine the origin of your area rug. A close inspection of a rug’s foundation, knots, fringe, kilim, colors, patterns, pile fiber, and pile density can give us clues of its origin. Each rug is tested for colorfastness prior to determining a cleaning process. The overall condition of your rug, its origin, colorfastness and construction will provide us with the information we need to determine a cleaning process. Unlike clothing we do not have the luxury of referencing a tag on the back of a rug for cleaning instructions. Our Expert Rug Cleaners will outline cleaning instructions once a pre-cleaning inspection of your area rug has been completed.


Vacuuming Prior to Area Rug Cleaning. 

At our Metairie Rug Cleaning Facility the first thing we do EVERY-TIME before cleaning your rug is give it a professional vacuuming. We understand that it is impossible to clean a rug that has not be thoroughly and efficiently vacuumed. We have several different methods of removing dust and debris from your rugs including a method made popular by the “rug badge” where the rug is turned upside down on a metal crate and the rug is vibrated intensely removing almost all of the dirt. Up to 17 lbs can be removed from one single rug. Some rugs are fragile and cannot withstand the intense vibration so these rugs are gently dusted by our professional metairie rug cleaners. We also have professional vacuums that clean some types of our customers rugs.



Our Metairie Rug Cleaners Can Handle Any Rug Cleaning Task. 

Metairie Carpet Cleaning has the expertise and skills to perform any type of rug cleaning job. We specialize in synthetic rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, and antique rug cleaning and so much more. We also clean machine made rugs as well as hand knotted rugs and hand tufted rugs. We clean every kind of fiber and textile from rugs to tapestries and even lampshades. We have the expertise to safely and effectively clean rugs made from wool, cotton, linen, coir, jute, sea grass, nylon, polyester, olefin, rayon, viscose and more.

 Area Rug Washing / Area Rug Cleaning 

Submersion Rug Cleaning. 

We actually immerse the rug completely in a mild solution designed specifically for oriental rugs. This is the most thorough washing available for fine area rugs. Please understand that not all rugs can be washed using this method.

Rotary Shampoo in combination with Water Extraction

This process is generally used on most rugs that do not meet guidelines for submersion cleaning. We use a commercial rotary buffer with a 100% Cotton Bonnet. The rug is treated with a non detergent chemical to release the dirt and grime from the rug. It is gently agitated by the rotary machine and then removed by our trained technician.

Dry Foam Shampoo. 

We use Dry Foam on many specialty rugs or area rugs with concerns of buckling, dimensional stability, or possible of dye or color bleeding.

Mist and Brush.

This is a rug cleaning process used when dye bleeding is a real issue. This is also a post cleaning technique on many bright colored rugs.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning. 

We tend to incorporate this technique as a post area rug cleaning process for a type of specialty rugs. This method is very intense and can only be administered by a professional rug cleaning technician.

Fresh Water Rinsing of Area Rugs

This cleaning process is where we flush your rug with fresh water until there is no evidence of dirt and the water has no dis coloration from stains in your rug. After we flush your rug thoroughly with fresh water virtually all chemicals and foreign objects are now gone leaving your rug as fresh as the day you bought it.

Naturally In-home rug cleaning treatments always leaves behind harmful chemical residues that can lead to staining, fading, discoloration, quick re-soiling, and possible color bleeding or changing of the origial dye. Without us getting too technical, it’s very important to complete the rug cleaning process by leaving your rug in a state in which the dyes remain set. Of course you have never r left shampoo residue in your hair after showering …. so neither is it heathy for your rug to have residue left in it. Its a fact that Leaving residue in a quality rug for an extended period will damage it.

Our Metairie Rug Cleaning Process

  • We will pick up your area rugs and fine textiles and take them to our facility for rug cleaning.
  • We will perform fiber identification tests and dye stability tests before starting the rug cleaning process.
  • Your rug will then be dusted, a process that vibrates loose dry soils, dust, sand and grit out of the rug.
  • Your rug will be thoroughly vacuumed using powerful commercial vacuums to remove any remaining dry soils.
  • 90% of rugs can be cleaned using our full-immersion rug bath rug cleaning process.
  • Your rug is sprayed with a mild, Ph neutral cleaning agent, which contains no detergents, perfumes or toxic chemicals.
  • The rug is then gently hand brushed to evenly distribute the cleaning agent throughout the fibers. This also loosens and suspends sticky soils, oily components and foreign substances for the next step.
  • Your rug is placed in our rug bath, fully submerged in 5 inches of clear cold water that is constantly circulating and exchanging. This insures a full flushing or rinsing of the rug.
  • While in the rug bath, a rug washing tool which disperses a 12 inch sheet of low pressure water is run slowly back and forth across the rug. The rug is turned over and this process is also done on the backside. This step fully flushes out all loosened soils and cleaning agents.
  • The rug is removed from the bath and all excess water is thoroughly vacuumed out.
  • Your rug is then hung for drying in an area with high powered fans and dehumidifiers. This insures that your rug is dried 100% before it is returned to you.
  • Drying is followed by a thorough inspection. If needed, special efforts are made to further clean rug fringes or the entire process may be repeated to insure that your rug is as clean as it can possibly be.
  • Your rug is then returned to you, looking and feeling great.
  • If desired, we will be happy to help you place the rug back in its original location at no extra charge.


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