Metairie Louisiana Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

                   In Metairie Louisiana every day men and women search for the best choice in residential and commercial upholstery cleaning services. Thats precisely the reason the professional upholstery and furniture cleaners at our Metairie Louisiana Upholstery Cleaning facility are always busy making sure we are providing the finest and most up to date upholstery cleaning services in the New Orleans Metro Area. We at Metairie Upholstery Cleaning do not take lightly what our customers go through to choose the right upholstery for their homes and businesses. So we understand how they spend days deciding the perfect type of style they want and time choosing the correct kind of upholstery to match it. So when it comes to protecting your great investment and ensuring that it will last for a long time, please don’t fall short on the quality of care that is needed for your upholstered furniture.

In our cleaning facilities in Metairie Louisiana, over the years we have accepted one of the most frequent reasons customers fail to get their furniture properly cleaned is the customer could not identify the fact that their upholstery was even dirty. Even if your upholstery doesn’t appear visibly soiled or dirty, it’s imperative to have them routinely cleaned by professionals. The Metairie Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Experts will tell you that dust is your upholstery’s number one problem. Dust will blow in through the doors and windows of your home or business infesting your nice upholstery. The harsh and abrasive movement of these dust particles will sooner or later end up slicing through your furniture and its fiber like razors.

The vast majority of the problem is pollutants are usually microscopic in size, and they are not able to been seen by the naked eye. Also the material design may even further camouflage any known problems. But never doubt for a minute, you can rest assured they are there. To make matters even worse, every time you relax on your sofa or lay down on its  cushion, the oil from your skin compacts all that dirt and forces it deeper into the sofa’s fabric. Once the dirt and soil are deeply embedded, not even the mightiest of vacuum cleaner are able to remove it. Unfortunately The horrible condition deteriorates considerably when all the sand and dirt mixes with food crumbs, pollen, and dust mites (not to even mention their disgusting fecal droppings) and create a layer thats invisible and no amount of vacuuming can effectively or entirely remove.

Don’t Fret !!!! We have some good news for you… We can help!!! and for more than one reason its time to call your Metairie Upholstery Cleaning Professional. Number One we are expertly trained to do a thorough job of extracting the dust, dirt and soil that may have compounded over the years. We give you our word that our Metairie Upholstery Cleaners will work with the best most modern cleaning agents and equipments that are not obtainable to the general public. Regardless of how difficult a stain might be we will be able to remove it safely and quickly. In addition, we are also able to safely and effectively remove horrible musty smells from your furniture. Many times its been proven that when you call a professional technician to clean your upholstery regularly, will keep it looking newer longer and add to its life.

Definitely one of the most important benefits you will receive from professional upholstery cleaning in Metairie, Louisiana is fabric protection. Once completing the cleaning of your upholstery our Metairie Upholstery Cleaning Company will recommend to you a fabric protector for your fine furniture. With a quality protector on your upholstery, stains and spills are less likely to penetrate into the fabric fibers which makes cleaning next time much easier. When it comes to professional upholstery cleaners, The Experts at Metairie Carpet Cleaning has made quite a reputation for itself thanks to the commitment to quality and superior work ethics. Our expert cleaning not only leaves your furniture looking great but also cleaner and healthier. Please, Contact us as soon as possible to inquire about our wide range of quality services.

Although any textile, fabric, or linen maybe used to upholster furniture, in a variety of combinations, piles, textures, or fibers, one thing is certain, our highly skilled, experienced, professional technicians have mastered the art of restoring your furniture to original condition.  Whether you’ve chosen silk, leather, plastic, or any other fabric, it needs to be handled properly for maximum wear and extended beauty.

For our clients, the beginning of care includes a great vacuum cleaner.  Yes, even leather and plastics need to be vacuumed thoroughly monthly with the proper attachment (Never vacuum down filled upholstery, down is to be brushed only).  Proper upholstery cleaning begins with monthly maintenance when you vacuum then brush your skirting, backing, decking, bases, bottoms, and undersides of your cushions.  Here, in southern Louisiana, it is imperative to remove as much pollen, mold, dust, dander, and all the rest of the outdoor humidity conditioned problems.  The crevices can hold more mites and allergens on a monthly basis than we care to admit.

That will help immensely, however, when it is time for the deep cleaning and restoration to revive colors, and condition your furniture from the harsh elements of southeast louisiana, relax and know that we can remove the stains, mites, body oils, lotions, hair products, pet dander, pet odor, shed skin cells, and all other contaminates that seek to break down your upholstery.  Hiring a skilled, enthusiastic, professional is the only way to win the war against the greater new orleans environment.  Also, routinely hiring a professional upholstery cleaner is recommended by furniture manufacturers; as it is critical in maintaining your upholstery.

When carefully selecting your professional furniture cleaner, keep in mind that certified professionals will accomplish the following during your cleaning process:

The Initial Inspection

It is imperative to know what fabrics are involved, as many pieces of furniture have multiple fabrics throughout. Also, this is when realistic goals and inspections are assessed and documented regarding stains, contamination, discolorations, and wear.  Also, the pre inspections should document all dry rot or manufacturers defects.  At metairie cleaning this is free and sets the stage for the most thorough cleaning in the whole New Orleans Metro Area.

All odors are treated and allowed to dwell during this period utilizing the greenest of all available chemicals on the market today to achieve the greatest end result.  We offer an odor removal guarantee!

The Removal Application

Dwell time is the key to remove the “dirt”, the reality is what most people consider to be dirt is a slew of dyes, and contamination working in conjunction to discolor your furniture. We formulate a mixture of surfactants, encapsulates, and degreasers to the greenest standards available for your fabric and application.

Power Extraction Process

After the proper testing and dwell time, we use high powered vacuums to remove all soils, and suspended matter from your furniture.

The Cleaning Process

Whether, water extraction (hot or cold), steam cleaning, carbonation, encapsulation, dry cleaning, foaming, shampooing, or leather/plastic cleaning we this is the next step of the most thorough green cleaning that is commercially available, depending on fabric, fiber, or textile and manufacturer recommendation.


The appropriate green solution will reset the chemistry of your upholstery to the original manufacturer specifications, leaving you with the ultimate professional results that you need and deserve for your hard earned dollars.


The final step is reapplying the appropriate protection or (scotch-guarding) to keep your cleaning investment looking spectacular for years instead of months.

Finally Drying

We can stage the appropriate equipment, technology, and instrumentation to return your furniture to service in time to suite your individual goals and needs.


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